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MLI offers SpeakYourMind's English as a Second Language program in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, and in Northern Virginia.

The ESL program consists of five levels:

i) Beginner/Elementary (Units 1 – 4)

Students at this level learn and employ familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases used in everyday life. They learn around 1300 words, enabling them to interact in most ordinary situations in shops, restaurants, hotels and so on. Grammar, reading and writing develop with a variety of clear and interesting exercises. Prerequisite: None

ii)  Lower Intermediate (Units 5 – 8)

This course introduces students to common everyday expressions and basic phrases related to areas of the most immediate relevance. At this level, the students are able to describe aspects of their background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need in simple terms, and they become able to conduct simple social conversations and deal with simple tasks at work. Prerequisite: MESL 001, TOEFL paper based test 435 or equivalent.

iii)  Intermediate (Units 9 – 12)

This course introduces complex text on both conceptual and real life topics in a structure that enables students to let them understand the main theme of social, cultural and technical discussions in their immediate environment. At this level, students also become able to communicate in English comprehensibly with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that enables effective interaction with native speakers of English. Prerequisite: MESL 002, TOEFL paper based test 510 or equivalent.

iv) Upper Intermediate (Units 13 – 14)

The upper intermediate level introduces students to clear and relevant presentation of new words and English grammar, together with a rich blend of styles and topics. The students can produce clear and well structured communication on complex subjects with controlled use of organized patterns. In addition, they become able to use English language fluently and effectively in social, academic and professional settings. Prerequisite: MESL 003, TOEFL paper based test 590 or equivalent.

v)  Advanced (Units 15 – 17)

This advanced level ESL course develops vocabulary along two parallel lines - the formal language of business, debate and study, and the 'everyday' language, rich in idiomatic expressions and phrases, that anyone who lives or works in an English-based situation really needs. Prerequisite: MESL 004, TOEFL paper based test 640 or equivalent.

MLI-SpeakYourMind offers intensive and semi-intensive classes for all levels of its ESL program; the maximum class size for ‘Plus’ and test preparation programs is 8, and all others, 12.

Level of English
SpeakYourMind Level
Beginner - Elementary
Unit 1
0 - 310
0 - 30
0 - 8
0 - 1
Unit 2
310 - 343
33 - 60
9 - 18
1 - 1.5
Unit 3
255 - 400
347 - 393
63 - 90
19 - 29
2 - 2.5
Unit 4
397 - 433
93 - 120
30 - 40
3 - 3.5
Lower Intermediate
Units 5 – 6
405 - 600
437 - 473
123 - 150
41 - 52
Units 7 – 8
477 - 510
153 - 180
53 - 64
4.5 - 5
Units 9 – 10
605 - 780
513 - 547
183 - 210
65 - 78
5.5 - 6
Units 11 – 12
550 - 587
213 - 240
79 - 95
6.5 - 7
Upper Intermediate
Units 13 – 14
785 - 900
590 – 637
243 – 270
96 – 110
7.5 – 8
Units 15 – 17
905 – 990
640 – 677
273 – 300
111 – 120
8.5 – 9
Top Score
Top Score
Top Score
Top Score
Top Score

Learning a language, particularly as an adult, can be an unpredictable journey. We don't promise any magic formula, but SpeakYourMind is designed to be fast as well as effective. In most cases SpeakYourMind significantly reduces learning time. Our students improve their English proficiency by an average of 20 points on TOEFL internet based test within a month; the individual results may vary based on the students' familiarity with the Roman alphabet, their learning speed, and their desire to practice after class.

The great thing about SpeakYourMind is that you learn to speak and during your lessons your teacher gets you talking (books closed!). At the same time, reading and writing skills are developed as you spend a part of each lesson working from the Student Book. The Student Books follow the course step-by-step and contain explanations and examples of the new words and grammar that you learn to use in class.

Learn more about Speak Your Mind Method.

To find more information about SyM and its schools all over the world: www.speakyourmind-english.com.

For international students only:
International students will participate in an orientation course, which includes three hours face-to-face instruction on American history, culture, art, the living environment in Washington, D.C. and a complementary half day D.C. tour. The orientation program provides the participants information about area offerings for their basic needs, i.e., shopping centers, public facilities, public transportation, cultural and social aspects of the community including 80+ significant attractions such as museums, historical and recreational sites, and sightseeing tour offerings and entertainment environment in the Washington, D.C. area.


Communication and social networking is of vital importance when running a successful business – especially for middle and upper management. This course is particularly focused on Business English and effective written communication in various official business settings. The first course addresses effective communication techniques used in e-mails, business letters, memos, resumes, cover letters, formation of meeting agendas, and preparation of minutes. Prerequisite: Lower Intermediate (Unit 8).

The second course involves business-decision making and case analysis; business vocabulary and idioms; reading business media and making an oral presentation on a business topic.  Prerequisite: Intermediate (Unit 12).


This course provides a detailed review on grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking comprehension while developing necessary knowledge and gaining strategies to accomplish desired results in TOEFLibt and IELTS exams.

TEST PREP I: designed for non-ESL program participants.

TEST PREP II: designed for ESL program participants.

TOEFL Preparation, Business English and English for Executives are optional integral parts of ESL PLUS programs at Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels, respectively.

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