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SpeakYourMind Method
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“SpeakYourMind. Isn't that what everyone would like to be able to do in the language they are learning? Of course, speaking your mind can be very simple: 'yes' and 'no' is straight talking but no one would want to remain at that level for long. What do you need to be able to speak your mind in English?

You need words - the most important part of a language. The more words you know the more you can understand and the more precisely you can express yourself. You need grammar - not the memorized rules that help you pass an exam - but the ability and confidence to arrange words and sentences in a way that allows people to understand you easily. You'll probably make mistakes - these are less important in real-life situations than they are in the classroom - but remember, mistakes in grammar are usually less important than using the wrong words and they are always much better than silence. You have words and you have grammar - all you need is the magic ingredient that can make all this 'real'. Practice. Without practice you'll probably not feel the confidence to speak and who learns a language not to speak it?

To say what you want, you need the right words and know how to use them. SpeakYourMind teaches ‘words’ every lesson, systematically.
To communicate effectively you need grammar, and SpeakYourMind teaches the grammar you need at your level and practices it in meaningful contexts throughout the lesson, every lesson.
To speak a language you need to feel confident enough to try. SpeakYourMind lessons offer plenty of opportunities to say what you want in a safe and stimulating environment, building up your fluency lesson after lesson.
You learn well when your teachers instill confidence and enthusiasm and you can
see the progress you make.

SpeakYourMind is all this - a structured program that teaches you new words every lesson and gives spaced lesson-to-lesson revision to make sure you learn these words over time. It gives you grammar - you're listening to it and using it all lesson and over time the grammar you need will come. You learn to read and write, with up-to-date Student Books designed for clarity and interest.

Speaking - well you couldn't get much more English into a lesson, and with teachers who really want to make the lesson as relevant to you as possible, lessons become productive and enjoyable, too.

– Iain McInally, SpeakYourMind

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