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About the School
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MLI-SpeakYourMind is a licensee network school of SpeakYourMind and offers English Language Programs to non-English speaking domestic and international students in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area in the U.S.A. The school also offers Business English and TOEFL test preparation courses.

The school is located on Leesburg Pike between Seven Corners and Bailey's Crossroads in Fairfax County, Virginia. Our location features quick access to Washington, D.C., Alexandria and Falls Church City, each offering a wide variety of local attractions, renowned museums, art galleries, shopping malls, recreational centers and restaurants that reflect Northern Virginia‚s great ethnic and cultural diversity. The school is on bus routes 4A and 28A and accessible via East Falls Church and King Street Metro stations as well as Route 7 (King Street - Leesburg Pike) , Arlington Boulevard and Columbia Pike.


Address: 6066 Leesburg Pike, Suite 300-350, Falls Church, Virginia 22041
Phone: (703) 243-1422
(703) 873-7817 (Espanol)
Time: Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Transportation: The campus is easily accessible via public transportation. Please check at www.wmata.com. Free ample parking.


'Thanks to SpeakYourMind. I can speak English fluently. I now have new opportunities, new horizons and new options. At the end of the program, I clearly realized how effectively I have started communicating in English.'
— Luigi M., Brazilian participant, MLI, Falls Church, Virginia, United States.

'Our students are happy with the SyM method - we see that day-to-day and our very high return rate confirms it. Our students see their results and so they trust us.'
— Gloria O., School Owner, Spain.

'For me, SyM is not like going to school. It's like spending 50 minutes in conversation with friends. Then you leave and you realize that the words seem to stay with you: what you were talking about, you were learning. For me this is the great ability of SpeakYourMind.'
— Marina T., Clerk, Verona, Italy.

'It's really difficult not to learn English with the SyM Method. For example; I'm 57 years old and it took me longer to get used to changing to the Euro from the Lire than it did to begin understanding and speaking English.'
— Giovanni G., Consultant, Milan, Italy.

'I have been studying English for three months. It has been an excellent experience because I have learned a lot. I think the SpeakYourMind program is an excellent way to study English because through speaking, practicing, and listening, the student improves in the English language.'
— Martha U., Honduran participant, MLI, Falls Church, Virginia, United States

'After all the times I've tried to learn English this is the first time I actually enjoy it and the first time I feel I'm getting somewhere.'
— Satoshi K., Surgeon, Japan.

'Running a school is not by any means always easy, but if you enjoy working with people and take pride in what you do the satisfaction more than makes up for the hard work. Certainly working with a single teaching program like SpeakYourMind makes organization, course management, assessment and teacher-training a much simpler job. You know how things are going and that allows you to make the right decisions at the right time, and that is an important part of the responsibility you have towards your clients and your staff.'
— David W., School Owner, Spain.

'The material is really well written: it helps you keep learners focused and involved at all levels and there's a nice touch of humor which really helps you get the best out of lessons.'
— Ian Mc., ESL Teacher for 20 years.

'The methodology is set out intelligently and coherently and the syllabus is well designed and relevant. The teaching procedures are very intuitive and hands-on. As Course Director of a growing school it was a real benefit that new teachers found it straightforward to work with at all levels. They also enjoyed the way it's easy to establish a strong classroom rapport with students and they were motivated by the rate of progress students made. My experience with SpeakYourMind was definitely a positive one.'
— Steven B., (Delta) Teacher Trainer, London

'We're part of a British owned international group and English is a daily need. Over the years we had organized several courses for staff with different schools but progress was never impressive, interest seemed to run out pretty quickly and many people found it hard to keep up with the homework. I must say that with SpeakYourMind we soon began to see improvement. People were starting to take part in meetings for the first time and that progress has kept going. Our Human Resources Manager notes that the attendance rate is excellent and the drop-out rate has been very low. The structure of the course and the accurate monitoring of course-progress is another real advantage.'
— Andrew F., Director of Finance, Linpac Plastics, Europe.

'What I really like is that you can have a factory worker, a student and a marketing executive all in the same class and they're all learning and all enjoying it. It's very open and it treats people like intelligent adults.'
— Richard S., Director of Studies.

'After 15 years of running a school I felt the real need to set ourselves apart from our competitors; something students could recognize and identify with. What appealed to me most about SpeakYourMind is what appeals to our customers: it's uncomplicated, practical and enjoyable. For students it removes a lot of the mystery from learning a language and that's something they respond to.'
— Susan M., School Owner, Italy.

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